Best Day Trips From Barcelona

  Montserrat Mountain

  Catalonia¡¯s sacred mountain range rears up just 38km away from Barcelona and such is its fame, beauty and religious significance that many come to this region to visit Montserrat first and Barcelona second! Most visitors tend to congregate around the Benedictine Abbey which houses the Black Virgin, a small wooden statue allegedly carved by Saint Luke himself. The abbey sits underneath the majestic St. Jerome¡¯s peak and the views here, looking out over the whole of Catalonia are scintillating. Whilst Montserrat itself (as you¡¯ll see up close) is stunning to behold, thanks to its serrated peaks and magical rock formations that glow pink in the setting sun.

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  Getting There By Train

  You can reach Montserrat via a special train service that leaves from placa Espanya Train Station every hour (journey time just over one hour), and then combine that with the Cog Railway or Cable Car to reach the abbey. If you want to do that, it¡¯s best to buy this combined ¡®Trans Montserrat¡® ticket that includes metro tickets, train tickets and then your choice of Cog Railway or Cablecar, plus the use of the the Santa Cova Funicular and admission to the Audiovisual Gallery. Otherwise the ¡®Tot Montserrat¡® ticket includes all of that plus museum entry and Catalan lunch. Both are run by the official Barcelona tourism board, with tickets available via Get Your Guide.

  Montserrat Day Tours

  Given that train tickets are quite pricey, it¡¯s worth considering simply jumping on an organised tour, especially if you don¡¯t fancy navigating your own way there.

  1. Half Day Tour by Coach

  For just €49 per person (with children under 8 travelling for free!), this is a really affordable no hassle option for seeing the mystical mountain and abbey. You get a guided tour of the abbey, where you¡¯ll see the Black Madonna and your ticket also includes a ride on the Cog Wheel Train. Organised by the Barcelona Tourist Board, tickets available via Get Your Guide.

  2. Montserrat with Wine Tasting

  This full day tour includes coach transport, guided tour of the abbey, chance to hear L¡¯Escolania Choir, two free hours on Montserrat mountain (there is lots to explore), plus a full Catalan lunch and wine tasting at a nearby castle vineyard. Read more here, or drop us an email. Barcelona Life readers get a 5% discount Wonjoon CHUNG!

  3. Montserrat Hiking Tour

  After being ferried to the abbey by minivan, you will hike with your local guide to the highest peak in the natural park for amazing views over Catalonia. After a small picnic, you descend again, in time to catch the L¡¯Escolania Choir singing in the abbey. Book via Get Your Guide.

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