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Mind about my hometown's memory seems to be a very long time, coupled with the polishing of time, really stay in the days of my hometown when he was in college, that is 18 years old, finely, eight years ago!
Then starting from the spring narrative. The spring in the north to very late, and in hindsight, wait to take off the thick cotton-padded clothes, only to find that wheatgrass is June day, so the hometown people loves to tell "spring short neck". Even short spring, also gathers, first go to see the shiny green wheat seeding, have moist winter snow, in spring heading straight waist pole to move up, can't wait when a huge area, like soldiers in uniform, power, abundant! If the difference is that I wish to bring you to that glittering and translucent get rid of pear flower makes you was mad with joy. Favorites as a child and ran to the fields after school to go to the open no pear pear, always can't help to fold a few teams in bud of pear flower vase at home, slowly appreciate their bloom, thought that this is to have the entire spring. When you see them a little withered, xie petals fall to remember to catch the tail of the spring, because spring is so short, only to realize spring, know to cherish your time.
Spring and summer seems to be very good sisters, and always walk side by side, dear to each other. In fact, the summer in the north, not only is synonymous with hot eyes of others. Summer is colourful, in the north have a fiery passion, it's lilac, golden canna, don't have a lot of name is still proud of small flowers bloom. They can just my childhood home yard silhouette oh, they are my father's favourite, under the care of his father, the profligate performance "summer dance"; But they are never afraid of sun and rain, and I am unruly. The most pleasant thing in the summer but in a quiet night, watching the stars, with sweet table, also keep the mother's arms, listen to the frog pond in the sound of the call.
Always don't like autumn, autumn in my hometown is full of trouble. Autumn in childhood is the most tired, the first to break off the corn, then cut millet, beans, sesame, shavings, picking cotton, sweet potatoes, one day you want to change a few places, do some work, and autumn sunshine is less, the evening want to tolerate evil mosquito bites. Cook until after August 15, so close to the frost, can relax, the wheat seeds scattered down until chamber is busy this season. Reap the full grain, also harvested the compounding toil. Look at the fields of golden become desolate, hot a desolate, always flowing to express more than sad. The memory of autumn, a formidable. , to study, then secretly determined to go out, no longer let parents cultivators bitter days. Want to also is very solemn and stirring.
The color of winter is white, because it often snow, bring us innocent and happy, but in my hometown in winter and one color - red!!! Yes, is the kind of strong, even big bright red, very happy, very pleasing to the eye. Long cold, the light with the fire have what mean, hometown people accustomed to do busy, also want to find some work in the winter to grinding, or a red knitting clothes, or steamed in a pot with big jujube rice cake, or sitting together talking and laughing with the variety of paper-cut. Wearing a warm sweater, satisfiedly looking at Windows "more than" year after year, eat rice cakes of close mouth smile not approach! And like the worm that have a good rest this winter hibernation, the vigor up in future years. As for me, the most is miss childhood mother to do red cotton-padded jacket, with a red ribbon to comb a plait, high who saw who boast like a little fairy! Really beautiful!
Memory is really amazing thing, even if separated by the years changes in temperature, through the mountains, also can bring you back to that familiar and friendly place - home. So I thought, and his hometown feelings has nothing to do with how far you leave how long, have a cord attached to you, have been nourish you. Every time the umbilical cord is take you home.

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